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Flower Fairies Bronze Sculptures

Magical garden sculptures inspired by the illustrations of Cicely Mary Barker. Flower Fairies sculptures and water features, including Gorse Fairies, Willow Fairies, and Clover Fairies. Bring charm and enchantment to your garden with these handmade bronze creations.

“Now Gorse in all its glory, in May when skies are blue. But when its time is over, whatever shall we do?”



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The Willow Fairy

Height: 23.6 inches / 60 cm

Hot Cast: £10,000

The Gorse Fairies

Height: 23.6 inches / 60 cm

Hot Cast: £8,500

The Clover Fairy

Height: 17.7 inches / 45 cm

Hot Cast: £5,500

Flower Fairies

The Flower Fairies have captured the hearts and imaginations of both children and adults for over a century. Cicely Mary Barker's first book, published in 1923, introduced these ethereal companions to generations of young readers, whose fascination only grew into adulthood. Barker's charming poetry and beautiful illustrations have inspired a lifelong love for fairies and all things magical, as children explore the wondrous world of the Flower Fairies. Each fairy is entrusted with the vital task of nurturing their respective flower or plant - be it Clover, Willow, or Gorse - ensuring it thrives under their care.

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