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Cicely Mary Barker Bronze Sculptures

Handmade bronze water features and garden sculptures, inspired by Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies book of 1923. The Gorse Fairy, The Willow Fairy, and Clover Fairy all feature in this stunning sculpture range. Available in hot cast bronze.

“So let me say quite plainly, that I have drawn all the plants and flowers very carefully…but I have never seen a fairy!”



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The Willow Fairy

Height: 23.6 inches / 60 cm

Hot Cast: £10,000

The Gorse Fairies

Height: 23.6 inches / 60 cm

Hot Cast: £8,500

The Clover Fairy

Height: 17.7 inches / 45 cm

Hot Cast: £5,500

Cicely Mary Barker

Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies have enchanted audiences of all ages worldwide since their first appearance in 1923. The 170 original illustrations, which include botanically accurate drawings and beautiful fairy images inspired by real children from Cicely's sister's nursery school, have evoked a sense of magic and wonder for over a century. Drawing inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelite painters, each stunning Flower Fairy illustration features a poem or verse dedicated to the iconic fantasy characters. Barker’s intricate artwork and spellbinding prose have since been reimagined into a number of children's story anthologies, including the popular Fairyopolis series which reached the New York Times bestseller list.

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