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Norman Thelwell Bronze Sculptures

Norman Thelwell Pony bronze garden sculpture. Handmade in the UK, inspired by the famous British cartoonist’s pony illustrations. Hot cast bronze sculpture—the perfect gift for horse lovers.

“As much spirit of adventure... determination!”



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The Thelwell Pony & Rider

Height: 29.5 inches / 75 cm
Length: 39.4 inches / 100 cm

The Thelwell Pony & Rider - Bronze Garden Sculpture - Hot Cast Only: £27,000

About Norman Thelwell

Norman Thelwell was a prolific, hugely popular artist who found inspiration in animals, the British countryside, and what he referred to as "the enduring lunacy of human nature". Though he drew a variety of subjects, he is perhaps best known for his endearing illustrations of stout, short-legged girls astride equally portly, bedraggled ponies.

A recurring theme of Thelwell's work was a determined young girl trying to coax her obstinate pony into—or out of—a sticky situation, much to the delight of readers of Punch magazine, in which his first pony cartoon was published in 1952.

Despite his endeavours in equestrian art, Thelwell himself had limited experience with horses, having only ridden them during his time serving in India during the Second World War, and his adventures were far from successful. Indeed, while his first mount leaned over a precipice to grab a bite of dry grass, his second bolted down a mountainside with Thelwell hanging on for dear life!

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