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Washington, D.C. Exhibition
Through the Looking Glass

WASHINGTON, D.C: the home of the Potomac River, neoclassical architecture — and now, a stunning collection of bronze literary sculptures and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations.

The Through the Looking Glass exhibition is now on permanent display at the world-renowned O Museum in Washington, D.C.

If you'd like to step into the world of classic children's literature and experience this unforgettable exhibition, you can book tickets through the O Museum website by following the link below:

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Through the Looking Glass

The O Museum are displaying a permanent collection of original Robert James Workshop sculptures. The Through the Looking Glass Exhibition at the museum’s Secret Gardens offers a spellbinding journey through the pages of classic children’s literature. 

Dive into the imagination of beloved authors Lewis Carroll and Beatrix Potter to name but two—with each handcrafted creation captured perfectly in stunning bronze. The exhibit includes a tour of the museum’s 100+ room mansion, on which you can search for 80 secret doors!

Meet your favourite literary characters!

You can meet a large range of our sculptures on the museum tour — covering a wide variety of cherished children’s authors. From Lewis Carroll’s Alice, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, and Cheshire Cat to Beatrix Potter's most adored creation: Peter Rabbit.

Norman Thelwell’s Pony & Rider made the trip across the ocean, as well as Winnie the Pooh and Piglet from A.A Milne’s classic book series, the Owl and the Pussy-Cat from Edward Lear’s timeless nonsensical poem from 1871, our Wonderland chess set, and our Lewis Carroll-inspired jewellery collection from Storybook Jewellery. There’s really something to enjoy for all ages and all literary tastes.

A Robert James Workshop Original:

The Barefoot King

Alongside the ensemble of classic literary characters that are on permanent exhibition at the O Museum, we're delighted to showcase a series of limited edition James Coplestone coloured illustrations of The Barefoot King, each of which are available for purchase.

The Barefoot King is a character forged at the very beginning of the Robert James Workshop journey. Handmade in James’ back garden, whilst learning about the wonders of alchemy, this soulful fellow came to life. The Barefoot King, in his nightgown, has taken a rest from the tiresome responsibility of running his kingdom to walk barefoot into nature and rediscover the wild things that thrive there!

We are also taking commission proposals to transform these beautiful hand-drawn artworks into large bronze sculptures. A truly unique opportunity to own a Robert James Workshop original!

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About the O Museum & Exhibition

O Museum in The Mansion (OM) is an independent nonprofit museum which uses the power of the arts and social justice to educate, inspire, and achieve peace through diversity. 

Voted among the Top 5 historic venues to explore by Smithsonian Magazine, the O Museum creates a uniquely immersive environment for its visitors and has been featured in numerous books, television shows, and magazines since its opening in 1998. 

The O Museum is a treasure trove of cultural and historic touchstones from the world of art, music, sports, and film. From Bob Dylan’s signed guitar, original artwork by Mersad Berber, Frederick Hart, Gerald Johnson, to Prince’s Purple Rain jacket. 

If you’d like to find out more about this exciting permanent exhibition, please get in touch or click the button below to book tickets directly from the O Museum website:

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