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Norman Thelwell Illustrations Bronze Sculptures

Norman Thelwell Pony bronze garden sculpture. Made in hot cast bronze, depicting the famous British cartoonist’s pony series. Equestrian-themed sculpture—a perfect gift for horse riders. Handmade in the UK.

“Once you have gained your pony's respect, half the battle is won!”



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The Thelwell Pony & Rider

Height: 29.5 inches / 75 cm
Length: 39.4 inches / 100 cm

Hot Cast: £27,000

The Thelwell Pony

Often known as the unofficial artist of the British Countryside, Norman Thelwell is the beloved artist behind the famous Thelwell pony drawings. Popularised in the mid-1950s, after an appearance in Punch magazine in 1953, Thelwell’s depictions of little girls riding rather overweight, unruly ponies are instantly recognisable for their own unique style and sense of mischief. No great horseman himself, it’s said that the inspiration for the pony series came while Thelwell was on holiday in North Wales as a child. The story goes that Norman and his three brothers were plonked atop two enormous Shire horses, with not a day’s riding experience between them. Inevitably, the horse bolted down the lane with the poor boys bouncing in the saddle and clinging on for dear life!

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