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The Tale of Mr. Tod Bronze Sculptures

Handcrafted Mr. Tod garden sculptures available in both hot cast bronze and cold cast bronze. Stunning outdoor features inspired by the classic children’s book, The Tale of Mr. Tod by Beatrix Potter.

“Nobody could call Mr Tod 'nice'. The rabbits could not bear him; they could smell him half a mile off!”



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Mr. Tod

Height: 40 inches / 102 cm

Cold Cast: £6,300
Hot Cast: £20,000

The TALE of Mr. Tod

Mr. Tod, the whiskered gentleman fox at the heart of one of Beatrix Potter’s darkest tales; set in a brooding Cumberland landscape of stone and moonlit woodlands, where the characters hatch dastardly plans and plots. A beloved children’s story that has all the hallmarks of a classic crime fiction novel.

The Tale of Mr. Tod is a gripping adventure in which we reacquaint ourselves with the popular Beatrix Potter creations, Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit. The story takes a sinister turn when Tommy Brock, a dastardly badger, makes his way into Benjamin’s home to kidnap his children…only to be thwarted by his arch-nemesis, the gentleman fox, Mr. Tod.

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