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"The challenge is to breathe life into these magical characters."


Our Story

Robert and James have been together making art works of various kinds for nearly 30 years.

Living in the rolling hills of West Dorset, a stones throw from the Jurassic coast, sculptures based upon their love of literature are taking shape. Classic illustrations are modeled in clay and then turned into bronze – sculptures for the garden – stories to be enjoyed in the round.

Bob and Jim as they are better known giggle and chatter about the various classics that they both adore. Discussing form, texture, humour, movement and line – how to capture these masterpieces in bronze – to be enjoyed for thousands of years into the future.

Turning a page and seeing the illustration telling the story still is a magical moment in all of our lives – even though our times are modernized by the digital world and screen the page of the book is where it all started and is still the most capitavating ....

Using old tools and finger prints to press, move and model clay into position to capture the breath of the if momentarily they have stepped out of the book into the three dimensional world.

"Drawing is an intelligent act" says 'Ingres'

..."it's where we start to learn what we are looking at."


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