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The Barefoot King

A Robert James Workshop Original

The Barefoot King

A Robert James Workshop Original

"The Barefoot King tilted the watering can and sprinkled the pond surface, creating ripples that reached far and wide."

The Barefoot King was an idea forged in the fires of Jim Coplestone’s unbounded imagination over two decades ago now.

It wasn’t, however, until a bronze ingot was introduced to the ferocious 1340° C heat of a handmade back garden furnace, right at the beginning of the Robert James Workshop story, that this original character really came to life.

In Jim's first encounter with the ancient alchemy of bronze casting, the inquisitive King with a newfound lust for life was born. 

The Barefoot King is a heartening tale of a weary monarch who has grown tired of the pressures and responsibilities of ruling his kingdom—so, without shoes on his feet and nothing but a nightshirt between him and the cold evening air, the King decides to explore the beauty of his surroundings.

Whether it’s tending to the garden, giving the flowers some nourishment from his watering can, a scene so delightfully depicted in the Barefoot King Water Feature found in the Robert James Workshop collection, or chatting with the wild animals and tiny critters that he meets in the wilderness, the King's life suddenly finds true meaning. The invigorating fresh air, the soft grass under his bare feet; it’s those simple pleasures that our curious hero has come to appreciate.

barefoot king talking with a small dragon
barefoot king jumping for joy
barefoot king she loves me

Original Barefoot King illustrations

From modest beginnings to a starring role in our exciting exhibition at the O Museum in Washington D.C, The Barefoot King has made quite the journey in the last 20 years. Alongside the cast of bronze literary sculptures that will be on display in Washington, we will also be showcasing a series of limited edition James Coplestone coloured illustrations of The Barefoot King, each of which will be available to purchase. 

We will also be taking commissions proposals to turn these beautiful hand-drawn artworks into large bronze sculptures. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a Robert James Workshop original! 

Spring might seem like a far-off land while winter endures around us, but if there’s a reason to start dreaming of warmer weather and time spent in the garden, then a King who revels in the delights of the great outdoors is surely one of them! Why not get in touch if you’d like to find out more about commissioning an original Barefoot King sculpture for your garden!

barefoot king holding flowers
barefoot king watering flowers
barefoot king and his soul mate
squirrel nutkin illustration

Posted on November 27th 2023

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