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mad hatter illustration

Return To Wonderland…Two Fabulous New Sculptures in the Pipeline

“If you knew Time as well as I do…you wouldn’t talk about wasting it!”

If spring has not quite yet sprung, it’s certainly coiled and ready to begin its upward trajectory. While flowers outside our workshop window go about their business, creeping skyward and revealing their true colours in no particular rush, it’s time once again to leap down the rabbit hole and headlong into another Wonderland adventure. Familiar stories, beloved characters…brand new bronze sculptures for your garden.

The pages of Lewis Carroll’s famous novel provide a deep well of inspiration for our handmade bronze creations, and it’s always a thrill to discover new interpretations for the memorable inhabitants of Carroll’s sprawling literary landscape. So, join us, reader, as we prepare to introduce two new additions to our Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland collection.

mad hatter water feature in progress

A Mad Hatter Water Feature…

`Have you guessed the riddle yet?′

It’s only the Cheshire Cat who openly questions the Hatter’s unstable frame of mind, but there can be no doubt that Lewis Carroll’s famous Tea Party host has, at the very least, an eccentric disposition. Sartorially distinguished, with his iconic 10 shillings and sixpence Wellington top hat, the Hatter is forever testing young Alice with his whimsical brand of riddles. His fate is nearly sealed in grisly circumstances in the penultimate chapter of Carroll’s tale, as the Queen of Hearts finds the Hatter guilty of murdering time…

Our new garden water feature, which happily pours water from the Hatter’s tea cup, is the enchanting addition your outdoor space has been waiting for. Recreate the famous Tea Party from Carroll’s original novel in your very own garden; all you need is some more guests to complete the famous ensemble. Why not see how the Sleepy Dormouse, The March Hare, and, of course, Alice, might find their invitation to this quite splendid garden gathering?

white rabbit in courtiers tabard

The White Rabbit…as you’ve never seen him before

‘Oh my dear paws! Oh my fur and whiskers!’

Generally depicted as very distinguished rabbit, sporting a waistcoat and forever checking his shiny gold pocket watch, the White Rabbit is Alice’s unofficial guide during her journey into the unknown. In this interpretation of the famous cotton-tail, all dignity is lost as the White Rabbit is seen dressed in the courtier’s tabard; a sign that he has been ensnared as the Queen’s humble lackey. A dramatic fall from grace.

If you’re looking to capture the true spirit of Wonderland in your garden, there are few more iconic characters to choose from. Either happily ensconced in the colourful plant life, or stood triumphantly on a plinth on your patio or decking, this unique White Rabbit bronze sculpture will add intrigue and charm to your ever-changing garden adventure. 

If you simply cannot wait for the arrival of these wonderful new additions, why not get in touch and find out more about our extensive Wonderland collection? But do hurry, reader, we really mustn't be late.

Posted on February 24th 2023

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