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Four Stunning New Creations...

Ready for RHS Chelsea Flower Show!

Pull up the curtains, prepare your gardens! Theatre, magic and fabulous new characters are now ready to make their grand appearance. After months of honest and unwavering endeavour in our workshop at Songbird’s Nest—hours of moulding, crafting, casting and adding those all-important finishing touches and flourishes—four new enchanting literary creations are now polished and ready to find new homes….in your cherished outdoor spaces.

Drum roll, if you'd be so kind…let’s meet the new cast!

ratty and mole in a boat

Ratty & Mole…messing about in boats

We're delighted to introduce two more beloved creations to add to our Wind in the Willows-inspired collection. Using ancient bronze casting techniques, this handmade sculpture captures Rat and Mole as they take to their boat to experience their next great adventure.

Familiar characters, friendship, a change in seasons, and new stories to tell. There could be no finer depiction of the great English countryside and the simple pleasures of existence. It’s now ready to complete your garden…

arabian nights falcon

The Falcon from Arabian Nights

From the well-worn pages of Arabian Nights, a stunning hot cast bronze Wise Falcon sculpture to add to our ever-growing collection of fabulous birds.

Majestic, magisterial, and visually impressive—this cunning falcon is just demanding to take centre stage in your garden this summer. Using his wits to escape the clutches of a local hunter, this iconic character embodies ingenuity and quick thinking. A true gift for any outdoor space.

regal rabbit from alice in wonderland

The Regal Rabbit

Typically described and drawn as a very distinguished rabbit, complete with waistcoat and polished gold pocket watch, the White Rabbit is the first character Alice encounters on her journey into the unknown. In this stunning hot cast interpretation, the famous cotton-tail is seen dressed in the courtier’s tabard.

A very Regal Rabbit…reduced to the role of the Queen’s humble lackey! Why not add a dose of literary magic to your garden this summer, with a stunning bronze sculpture inspired by Lewis Carroll's original masterworks.

mr badger from wind in the willows

Mr Badger

More tales from the Wild Wood and Kenneth Grahame’s beloved children’s story, The Wind in the Willows. Joining Toad and the boat-bound Ratty and Mole, your outdoor spaces are now ready to welcome Mr. Badger! A complex character, who spends much of his time deep in his burrow—meditating, reading; happy to live out his peaceful existence underground.

With the sun making its move across the sky, with the promise of finer weather to come, now is the perfect time for Badger to leave his burrow and find a new home above ground, nestled happily in the landscape of your vibrant summer garden. Chelsea!

This delightful new ensemble of characters will make their first appearance at RHS Chelsea Flower Show this week, 22nd - 27th May 2023, where the eyes of the horticultural world will get a chance to see our literary labours of love up close. So, if you’re planning to attend the show, and would like to meet both new friends and old, please find us at stand SR 152. Come by for a chat; you certainly won't miss us!

Posted on April 25th 2023

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