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Cheshire Cat sculpture

Alice in Wonderland Chess Set and Jewellery Collection

‘I declare it's marked out just like a large chessboard!' Alice said at last. 'There ought to be some men moving about somewhere—and so there are!'

In Through the Looking-Glass, the spellbinding sequel to Lewis Carroll’s first novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Alice finds herself yet again, hopelessly trapped in the absurdist kingdom from Carroll's original tale. This time, in a realm made up of chess boards and chess pieces, ruled by a Red Queen only slightly less formidable than the last royal Alice encountered on her journey into Wonderland.

Indeed, chess isn’t just a fleeting theme of Carroll’s second book, it makes up the novel’s entire structure. A game in the real world so reliant on logic and reason; in the world of the Looking-glass, it’s anything but. While freethinking pieces move under some semblance of traditional rules, their patterns are full of contradictions and impossibilities that Alice does well to navigate.

Happily for you, dear reader, you won’t need to bend the rules of logic to enjoy our utterly unique Alice in Wonderland Pewter Chess Set. Just like the garden sculptures, water features and miniatures in our collection, this handcrafted set has been inspired by the many and varied characters from Lewis Carroll’s famous novel. A wonderful gift for lovers of both the classic game and the enduring tale of Alice and her adventures.

Capturing Alice, The Dodo, the White Rabbit, and, of course, the Queen of Hearts, each handcrafted figure is carefully rendered to bring the enchanting world of Wonderland to life. Solid, weighty, and beautifully intricate, each piece is mounted on a circular base and felted to protect the polished hardwood board. The entire range of figures is presented in a handmade wooden box to create a memorable chess set for the ages.

Alice in Wonderland-inspired jewellery

"When I get home I shall write a book about this place."

Meanwhile, in the other tales of marvelous things that come in small packages, we'd like to tell you about our beautiful range of Wonderland-inspired jewellery that might just stir the fires of your literary imagination. Taking our original bronze sculptures, then dowsing them in a splash of DRINK ME tonic to shrink them into delightfully ornate earrings, necklaces, bracelets and charms, this stunning collection is showcased by Story Book Jewellery, firm friends of the Robert James Workshop. 

From just a pebble’s throw from our Abbotsbury Sculpture Trail in Dorset, this enchanting cast of Wonderland favourites has been brought to life in all its miniature glory. From the pages of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, meet Alice, The White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat to name just three. Stylish, magical, utterly charming, the perfect gift for the book lover who appreciates the smaller details!

Posted on March 17th 2023

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