rjw-header-what-you-need-to-know-dk INFORMATION What You Need To Know Important details and information regarding your sculptures.

Installation, bronze casting differences, warranty, our terms & conditions and frequently asked questions.
What You Need To Know
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All cold cast sculptures can be provided with a slate base for display. Hot cast sculptures can be provided either with a slate base or a metal ‘I’ beam for concreting into outside ground to increase security.

In addition, we are able to provide a number of alternatives for displaying your sculptures, including cold cast or stone plinths and hardwood stands. If you have a particular idea in mind for displaying your sculptures, please get in touch with James to discuss the options.


There are a number of differences in the process of creating cold cast and hot cast bronze sculptures. In the example below, the Dodo on the left is cold cast bronze, while the Dodo on the right is hot cast bronze.


Also referred to as bronze resin, this technique involves blending bronze powder with polyester resin to produce a material which is applied to the interior of the silicone mould. Subsequent applications of this will produce a shell into which an armature (wire frame) can be constructed. It is then rubbed back to reveal the surface and this can then be patinated (coloured) using a variety of chemicals.

Cold cast bronze technology has only been around for 60 years so the longevity of sculptures can only be assessed in this time frame. However we can assure that these pieces will last for many decades, inside or out. These works are frost proof but NOT shatter proof.

If breakages occur, these can remediated at cost. Simply get in touch with us and we will provide a quote.


This more expensive method involves an ancient process which dates back many thousands of years. It involves producing a hollow wax image of the sculpture which is then coated in a thick ceramic layer which is allowed to dry thoroughly.

The wax is burned away leaving a ceramic shell into which molten bronze is poured. Once cooled, the shell is smashed away to reveal the casting which is then cleaned and patinated by heating the bronze with a blow torch and applying a variety of chemicals. This is then left to cool and wax polished.

Hot cast sculptures can last many thousands of years whether indoors or outside in the elements.

Please note that due to the difference in the casting process, the Hot Cast Bronze sculptures are approximately 3% smaller in size to their Cold Cast counterparts.


Our hot cast sculptures are accompanied by a certificate, verifying the authenticity of the sculpture's limited edition status and edition number.


Robert James Workshop Ltd offers a one year warranty on Cold Cast Sculptures and ten years on Hot Cast Sculptures. This warranty applies to defects in the manufacturing process ONLY and not as a result of misuse or accidental damage.

Water Features are also subject to a one year guarantee and in addition, we offer a maintenance service for the working parts. Please contact James for a quotation.


Bronze and Resin bronze sculptures are given a patina which should last a long time. The surface colour of the sculpture will change however and eventually turn a verdigris colour due to the high copper content of the piece. Oxidisation of bronze naturally turns green. The surface is a 'living surface' which changes and is the natural beauty of bronze work. However, such changes can be delayed up to a point by applying wax which provides some protection.

The environment your bronze is placed in will also affect the surface quality. Bird excrement, salty air, plants and trees which produce sap can aggressively change the look of the bronze. Cold cast sculptures and miniatures are not as rugged as hot cast, so please be aware of this when handling them. Always choose a solid part of the sculpture when lifting, avoiding the thinner areas like arms or other protruding parts.

Our bronze water features require particular care when it comes to the winter months. It is imperative that water features are drained-off to protect them during frosty conditions. Water that is left in the pipes and then freezes will result in the pipes expanding and bursting. This, in turn, may result with the castings failing.

Placement is also an important factor when choosing a location and in particular, keep your sculptures away from large trees that might drop branches.

If you have any doubts, please don't hesitate to ask us for advice on where to place your sculpture, although 'Robert James Workshop Ltd' cannot take responsibility for the colouring of bronze sculpture that results from the elements.


Due to the myriad of factors regarding overseas orders, we provide all the necessary details and costs on a 'per order' basis. If you live outside the United Kingdom and wish to purchase one of our sculptures, please get in touch with us to discuss the options.

There are a number of differences in the process of creating hot cast and cold cast bronze sculptures. A full explanation of these differences may be found further up on this page, or by clicking Order Tramadol Online In Ohio.

Our bronze water features require particular care when it comes to the winter months.

It is imperative that water features are drained-off to protect them during frosty conditions. Water that is left in the pipes and then freezes will result in the pipes expanding and bursting. This, in turn, may result with the castings failing.