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The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle Bronze Sculptures

Handmade bronze sculpture inspired by Beatrix Potter’s classic book, The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. Available in hot cast bronze, this enchanting outdoor feature will bring magic and literary charm to your garden for a lifetime.

“Her print gown was tucked up, and she was wearing a large apron over her striped petticoat. Her little black nose went sniffle, sniffle, snuffle…”



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Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle

Height: 18 inches / 46cm

Hot Cast: $14,200

The TALE of MRS. tiggy-winkle

The gentle, winding plot of The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle tells the story of a young girl named Lucie who has a penchant for losing her pocket handkerchiefs. During her latest laundry mishap, Lucie wanders the path up a hill to the home of a kindly washerwoman named Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. Here, the young girl finds her handkerchiefs and pinafore, all of which have been washed by the charitable stranger, along with other items belonging to various animals which inhabit the woodland. At the conclusion of Beatrix Potter’s heartwarming story, Lucie discovers that the washerwoman is, in fact, a hedgehog!

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