A Page from The Sketchbook

When I was a very young boy I was fascinated by Mr Jeremy Fisher. I loved his home, damp with snails sliding around the walls and so incredibly believable.

Seeing him set off to catch the party supper was I think what got me 'hooked' into coarse fishing. The secret underwater world that which eventually took Jeremy into the abyss - a trout grabbing his foot as it hung over into the cool waters below - and having caught a lot of pike he was certainly very lucky indeed.

Our water feature captures the cheekiness of Jack Sharpe, the stickleback, spitting water onto Jeremy's back, jesting and jibing him for trying to catch fish!

The attention to detail that these Beatrix Potter's illustrations have are mind-staggering - so beautiful and such a dangerous story.

Fairly soon we will be installing one, bought at Chelsea, in a lake - can't wait to see this and photograph it, early morning or evening. Lovely times.