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The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher Bronze Sculptures

Handcrafted Mr. Jeremy Fisher garden water feature, available in hot cast bronze and cold cast bronze. An enchanting outdoor sculpture, based on the famous fishing frog from the Beatrix Potter book, The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher.

“Mr. Jeremy bounced up to the surface of the water, like a cork and the bubbles out of a soda water bottle!”



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Mr. Jeremy Fisher

Height: 21.3 inches / 54 cm

Cold Cast: £6,700
Hot Cast: £17,000

About the Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher

A much-cherished Beatrix Potter creation, Mr. Jeremy Fisher is the eponymous amphibian hero from the classic story, The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher. At the heart of the stirring adventure, Jeremy is the cheerful yet accident-prone frog that lives in a rather damp house on the edge of the pond.

Poor old Jeremy! He doesn’t ask for much in life. Just a quiet afternoon out on the pond to catch some tasty minnows for his supper. But, alas, after a run-in with a rather large trout…he might have to make do with roasted grasshopper with lady-bird sauce!

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