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Mr. Jeremy Fisher


Mr. Jeremy Fisher


Height: 21.3 inches / 54 cm



Cold Cast Bronze | Edition: open



Hot Cast Bronze | Edition: 500


Taken from The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher, first published 1906.


Author & Illustrator: Beatrix Potter

Please note that when your option is selected below, the price displayed is a 50% deposit, required to secure your order.
The balance payment will then be due on delivery or collection.

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SKU: N/A Category: Tramadol Buy

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For orders within mainland United Kingdom, there is no additional charge for delivery.

For all orders outside mainland United Kingdom, please select 'Overseas' shipping at Checkout and we will get in touch with you to discuss the costs and options.

If you have any queries regarding overseas delivery, please contact James:

+44 (0)7515 126119
Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Uk

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When creating our sculptures, our focus is very much concentrated on the quality of the work.

This ensures that that our sculptures will last the many years that they are designed for and to that end, we hope you will agree that it's worth the wait!

That said, we always endeavour to deliver your order in the shortest timeframe possible.

Cheap Tramadol Overnight Delivery ...


Installation and correct placement are important factors when choosing a location for your sculpture.

In particular, it is important to keep your sculpture away from large trees that might drop branches!

We appreciate that placement may require help, so please do ask us for advice. If you would like to enquire about our installation service, please get in touch with James to talk through the options.

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Additional information


Cold Cast, Hot Cast