rjw-header-chess-set-dk-v2 ALICE IN WONDERLAND Pewter Chess Set A fabulous and utterly unique Alice in Wonderland Pewter Chess Set that is a conversation piece in itself. Pewter Chess Set With a beautifully finished Wenge & Maple board and presentation box
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Our fabulous and utterly unique Alice in Wonderland Pewter Chess Set is a conversation piece in itself.

The pieces have a solid, weighty feel and range in size between 5 cm and 9 cm. All the characters are mounted on circular bases (with the exception of the Queen of Hearts) and felted to protect the polished hardwood board.

Please note that this is a made-to-order item with a turnaround of up to 8 weeks.

abp-portfolio-header-recent-photographs The Characters

The 'light' characters are in natural pewter, accented with a dark wax, while the 'dark' characters have a bronzed effect with a verdigris finish.

The beautifully finished board is made of Wenge, inlayed with Maple and measures 60 sq. cm. The chess set characters are presented in a matching handmade Wenge and Maple box with a sliding lid, etched with our Robert James logo.

The cast of players are as follows:

Barefoot King : King
Queen of Hearts : Queen (dark)
Alice : Queen (light)
Mad March Hare : Knights
Mr. Dodo Esquire: Bishops
Mad Hatter : Castles
White Rabbit : Pawns

If you have any queries regarding our chess set, please Tramadol Cheapest with us.

rjw-banner-chess-set-perspective PLACE YOUR ORDER