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For the book lover who has everything

Classic Literature Gifts and Memorabilia 

What do you buy the book-loving friend or family member that has everything? If we can assume their bookshelves are already creaking under the weight of a thousand dusty paperbacks, what other literary gifts might fit the bill? 

In search of the perfect gift

There are plenty of literary collector’s items you could hunt down online associated with a favourite novel or character from classic literature. Indeed, there's a whole generation of children that grew up with various Beatrix Potter memorabilia that can still be unearthed, if you know where to look; the Peter Rabbit tea sets by Wedgewood, for example, would certainly invoke a sense of nostalgia for the right reader!

Meanwhile, for the keen bibliophile, there’s always the search for that rare first edition to complete someone’s collection. From Wind in the Willows to Watership Down, first editions, quite often signed, can be found for a really thoughtful literary gift.

For something truly special, however, for the book lover that’s impossible to buy for, a bronze sculpture of their favourite literary character is to beat. Here is a selection of stunning handcrafted creations from our collection that we think would make for the perfect gift.

Mr Jeremy Fisher Water Feature

Beatrix Potter

Jeremy Fisher Water Feature

The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher is one of Beatrix Potter’s most famous literary creations. The cheerful yet down-on-his-luck frog at the heart of the story has been charming generations of readers since its first publication in 1906. Jeremy’s ambitions are simple; all he wants is to fish peacefully on the pond that sits next to his house and catch some tasty minnows for his supper…but there’s a dangerously hungry trout lurking in the waters that has other ideas! 

Our handcrafted Mr. Jeremy Fisher water feature is the ideal Beatrix Potter gift for those who enjoy the pleasures of children’s literature and book readers wanting to make a real statement in their garden.

white rabbit sculpture on a plinth


The White Rabbit

Garbed in a fine waistcoat and a shiny gold pocket watch, looking every inch the gentleman in Lewis Carroll’s famous fantasy adventure; the White Rabbit is the first Wonderland character that Alice meets before her descent into the unknown. Alice’s unofficial guide, a flurry of nerves and tardiness in the book’s opening chapter, we meet the White Rabbit for the last time in Carroll’s story as he appears as a herald in the Queen of Heart’s court during the trial of the Knave. 

We’ve created a range of White Rabbit figurines and bronze sculptures that would delight any fan of the Lewis Carroll book series — or classic children’s literature in general. From garden sculptures to beautifully ornate White Rabbit miniatures, you’re sure to find something that brings a sense of Wonderland magic to your home or garden.

Alice in Wonderland sculpture


Alice in Wonderland Garden Sculptures

In both Lewis Carroll’s beloved adventure story and our own handmade bronze collection: Alice comes in all different sizes. From the stunning Alice in Wonderland garden sculpture to the moveable Alice figurine on our handcrafted pewter Wonderland chess set; there’s a gift for every kind of book reader. We even have a range of handmade jewellery featuring the famously curious Victorian girl. 

Alice is the perfect embodiment of our work, capturing child-like curiosity, nostalgia and the magic of storytelling. Each handmade piece invites you to step into a world where imagination knows no bounds.

squirrel nutkin bronze sculpture


Squirrel Nutkin Garden Sculpture

A simple story at its heart, The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin follows the troublemaking adventures of the fearless red squirrel Nutkin, whose boldness and daring could quite easily be mistaken for rudeness! Nutkin’s jibes and riddles quickly begin to ruffle the feathers of a sleepy old owl…with dire consequences. 

A Squirrel Nutkin bronze sculpture could be the perfect gift for lovers of classic literature. Just as suitable for a garden space as it is a bookshelf or an indoor display, the sculpture captures the sprightly hero, just as he’s ready to dart along a tree branch. For the book lover in your life; the perfect ode to Beatrix Potter's timeless novel.

crow and the pitcher water feature from aesop's fables

Aesop's Fables

The Crow and the Pitcher Water Feature

Aesop’s Fables have served as a source of inspiration and moral guidance for readers of all ages for generations. The Ancient Greek storyteller’s cautionary tales, that commonly use anthropomorphic animals to teach their valuable life lessons, have been woven into popular culture so seamlessly that one may not even realise the origins of these timeless narratives.

One such story, The Crow and the Pitcher, describes the ventures of a parched Crow during a spell of dry weather, who uses his quick-wit and industry to extract the water from a pitcher to quench his thirst. This enduring tale for the ages is captured beautifully in our Crow and the Pitcher water feature. For the book lover who has everything, this could be the ideal literary gift!

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