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alice sculpture at forde abbey

Alice and Peter Rabbit at Forde Abbey

‘“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?'

If winter is a picture painted with muted watercolours; illusory greys and stark whites—then spring is born of bright acrylic. Vibrant, explosive yellows bursting from the hedgerows; a sure sign that nature is awake and ready to get on with the day.  

Against this restored landscape—in the heart of the British countryside—our handmade bronze sculptures come to life.

Our latest adventure takes us to Chard in Somerset. Within the topiary-lined vistas and colourful herbaceous borders, you’ll find the historic gardens of Forde Abbey. Land once farmed by the Cistercian monks that lived in the 12th-century monastery, this stunning patchwork of natural beauty is currently home to some of our favourite literary creations…and we’d just love you to come and visit.

mad hatter water feature at forde abbey
peter rabbit at forde abbey

Alice, Peter Rabbit and more...

As grand as the gothic-medieval mix architecture itself, our beloved Alice stands majestically between wildflower verges, looking down on the historic building that towers ahead. Elsewhere, you’ll find Peter Rabbit, perfectly content in the garden’s allotment, joined by his feathered familiar, Cock Robin, perched atop a spade.

And lastly, no enchanting literary tour would be complete without a chance meeting with The Mad Hatter from Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland book series. The spellbinding world of children's literature, set against this ancient landscape, there can be no finer way to spend an afternoon.

So, why not book your visit to Forde Abbey today and get lost in the grasslands of imagination and your favourite childhood memories.

Posted on April 25th 2023

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