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rjw-banner-book-to-bronze-research RESEARCH 'Holding the original illustration is a privilege'

rjw-banner-book-to-bronze-study STUDY "Drawing is an intelligent act" says 'Ingres' ..."it's where we start to learn what we are looking at."

rjw-banner-book-to-bronze-armature-1 THE ARMATURE 'The armature is the skeleton. A drawing of wire in space, which is the starting point of the 3d form’

rjw-banner-homepage-our-story MODELLING ‘From earthy lumps of clay, we begin to create form and breathe life into the characterisation’

rjw-banner-book-to-bronze-the-mould MAKING THE MOULD ‘The mould captures the delicate impressions made in the soft clay, allowing us to reproduce them’

rjw-banner-book-to-bronze-cire-perdue CIRE-PERDUE LOST WAX PROCESS ‘The wax figure is created from the mould where further refinement can be made, ready for bronze casting’ LOST WAX PROCESS CIRE-PERDUE

rjw-banner-book-to-bronze-the-crucible THE CR UCIBLE ‘Pouring molten bronze into ceramic moulds that were made from the wax figure.’

rjw-banner-book-to-bronze-assembly ASSEMBLY ‘This collection of castings will be braised back together to form a copy of the original clay sculpture’

rjw-banner-book-to-bronze-the-patina-1 THE PATINA ‘Using acids, alkalis and heat to create colours through oxidisation’

rjw-banner-book-to-bronze-the-stock AT THE FOUNDR Y ‘Thanks to all the wonderful staff who help to bring these characters to life’

rjw-banner-book-to-bronze-in-the-garden INSTALLATION 'Enchanting the garden'

Slide VIEWING OUR WORK Visit The Workshop The Robert James Workshop is now open by appointment. You can find us at :

Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens,
Beach Farm,
Buller's Way,
Nr. Weymouth,
Dorset DT3 4LA

Come and view our collection of water features, sculptures, miniatures and jewellery. Join us and the Mad Hatter for a cup of Dorset tea!