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If you would like to visit our workshop at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens, please call or text James on 07515 126119 to arrange an appointment. Alternatively, you may use the contact form on this page to send your details.

Come and view our collection of literary bronze sculptures or visit The Wonderland Sculpture Trail within the garden's 30 acre site, the Colonial Restaurant, shop and nursery.

You can find us at:
Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens,
Beach Farm,
Buller's Way,
Nr. Weymouth,
Dorset DT3 4LA


If you would like to make a press enquiry for editorials, please get in touch with either James or Karen on:

+44 (0)7515 126119 | Order Tramadol Online Cod 180

+44 (0)7580 156079 | Online Tramadol